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Aruba - How can I call to Aruba? - The dial code is: +297 to Aruba AW / ABW
Flag of Aruba : -
Coat of arms of Aruba : -
Capital : Oranjestad
People : - Aruban
Time zone : UTC-04 - Atlantic Standard Time AST
Internet TLD : .aw
Calling code - 297
Demographics of Aruba . - Aruba is situated in the deep southern part of the Caribbean. Because it has almost no rainfall, Aruba was saved from the plantation system and the economics of the slave trade.

. - Aruba's population is estimated to be 80% mestizo and 20% other ethnicities. Arawaks spoke the "broken Spanish" which their ancestors had learned on Hispaniola. The Dutch took control 135 years after the Spanish, left the Arawaks to farm and graze livestock, and used the island as a source of meat for other Dutch possessions in the Caribbean. The Arawak heritage is stronger on Aruba than on most Caribbean islands. Although no full-blooded Aboriginals remain, the features of the islanders clearly indicate their genetic Arawak heritage. Most of the population is descended mostly from Arawak, and to a lesser extent Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and a few French, Portuguese, British, and African ancestors.

. - Recently there has been substantial immigration to the island from neighboring American and Caribbean nations, possibly attracted by the higher paid jobs. In 2007, new immigration laws were introduced to help control the growth of the population by restricting foreign workers to a maximum of 3 years residency on the island.

. - The demographics of Aruba far more than neighboring CuraƧao and Bonaire has been impacted by its proximity to Venezuela. Much of Aruba's families are present by way of Venezuela and there is a seasonal increase of Venezuelans living in second homes.

Towns - The island, with a population of just over 100,000 inhabitants, does not have major cities.
Oranjestad (33,000 in 2006)
San Nicolaas
Santa Cruz
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