Phones in Chile

Phones in Chile

Phones in Chile

Chile - Find Mobiles and Phone Companies
Chile - Find Phone Numbers. Mobile Companies and Packs, Internet Services. List of Country Codes, City and Area Codes. International dial codes. Reverse lookup. Search by phone number.
Chile - How to dial to Chile? - The dial code is: +56 to Chile CL / CHL
Chile area codes - Telephone numbers in Chile
Northern Zone
XV Region: Arica and Parinacota
58 - : Arica and Parinacota Region
I Region: Tarapacá
57 - : Tarapacá Region
II Region: Antofagasta
55 - : Antofagasta Region
III Region: Atacama
51 - : Huasco province
52 - : Chañaral and Copiapó provinces
IV Region: Coquimbo
51 - : Elqui province
53 - : Limarí and Choapa provinces
Central Zone
V Region: Valparaiso
32 - : Valparaíso Province
33 - : Petorca and Quillota provinces
34 - : Los Andes and San Felipe de Aconcagua Provinces
35 - : San Antonio Province
39 - : Isla de Pascua Province [
XIII Region: Metropolitan Region
2 - : Santiago Metropolitan Region
VI Region: O'Higgins Region
72 - : O'Higgins Region
VII Region: Maule Region
75 - : Curicó Province
71 - : Talca Province
73 - : Linares and Cauquenes provinces
Central-Southern Zone
VIII Region: Bío-Bío
42 - : Ñuble Province
43 - : Bío-Bío Province
41 - : Concepción and Arauco provinces
IX Region: Araucanía
45 - : Araucanía Region
Southern Zone
XIV Region: Rivers Region
63 - : Los Ríos Region
X Region: Lakes Region
64 - : Osorno Province
65 - : Llanquihue, Chiloé and Palena provinces
XI Region: Aysen
67 - : Aysén Region
XII Region: Magallanes
61 - : Magallanes and Antártica Chilena Region
Special Services

There are a number of special numbers for public services, and they are in the format 1XY. The most important ones are:

130 Forest fires (Incendios forestales)
131 Ambulance (SAMU)
132 Firefighters (Bomberos)
133 Police Emergency (Emergencias Policiales)
134 Investigaciones
135 Drugs hot line (Fono drogas)[
136 Mountain Rescue (Cuerpo de Socorro Andino)
137 Sea Rescue (Rescate Marítimo de la Armada)
139 Police Information (Informaciones Policiales)
147 Child abuse (Fono niños)
149 Family Violence (Fono familia)
Long Distance Carriers

In Chile is possible to choose the carrier for long distance calls every time and therefore to obtain the best rate for any destination. Long distance carriers have a prefix that must be dialed when calling long distance. For:

National destination (outside your current area): XXX + area + phone
International destination - : XXX + 0 + country code + area + phone. - The current carrier codes are[3 :
110 Telmex
111 VTR Chile
112 Convergia Chile
113 Transam
114 Chile
115 Empresa de Telecomunicaciones Netonone
116 Heilsberg
119 Concert Chile
120 Globus
121 Telefónica del Sur
122 Gtd Manquehue
123 Entel Larga Distancia
124 GSP Chile
125 Equant Chile
127 Sur Telecomunicaciones
151 Astro
154 MiCarrier Telecomunicaciones
155 Telmex
155 AT&T Chile Long Distance
158 Fibersat
169 Carrier 169
170 Impsat Chile
170 Global Crossing
176 NetChile
177 Empresa de Transporte de Señales
180 Hogar de Cristo
181 Movistar
188 Telefónica CTC
Mobile Phone numbers

Mobile Network: 8D starting with digits 9, 8, 7 or 6.

For calling from a landline phone to mobile phones have to used the non-geographical prefix 09. Eg: 09 9XXX-YYYY, 09 8XXX-YYYY, 09 7XXX-YYYY, 09 6XXX XXXX.
For calls between mobile phones have to be dialed without the non-geographical prefix. Eg: 9XXX-YYYY, 8XXX-YYYY, 7XXX-YYYY, 6XXX-YYYY.
Internet Telephony
Recently, the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (Subtel) created the possibility of telephone service using Internet as a connection technology [4 . The dialing plan will be modified to have a zone and is expected to be during the first half of 2009. Several companies have asked permission to provide this service to the public.
"Temas de Ayuda para Cliente".
Carabineros . "135 - FONO DROGAS"
Lista de carriers en Chile"
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Telephone numbers in South America
Chilean Carrier Selection Code. - This is the - Chilean Carrier Selection Codes - .
Astro 151
AT & T Chile Long Distance 155
AT & T Chile Networks 110
Bell South 181
Carrier 169 169
Chilesat 171
Concert Chile 119
Convergia Chile 112
Empresa de Telecomunicaciones Netonone 115
Empresa de Transporte de Señales 177
Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones 123 Chile 114
Equant Chile 125
Globus 120
GSP Chile 124
Heilsberg 116
Impsat Chile 170
Manquehue 122
MiCarrier Telecomunicaciones 154
NetChile 176
Smartel 165
Sur Telecomunicaciones 127
Telefónica CTC 188
Telefónica del Sur 121
Transam Comunicaciones 113
Visat Telecomunicaciones 180
VTR 120
General information and updated references. Chilean_Carrier_Selection_Code General Information and updated references.
Chile - How to dial to Chile? - The dial code is: +56 to Chile CL / CHL
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